Whether its a new project, new clients, new to-do lists, new invoices, receipts, timer billing, we have made it easier for you to manage them.

With Osabox, you create and manage projects, generate payroll for your employees, issue invoices and receipts to your clients and more...


Client's Management

Employees Management

Projects Management

To-do and task Boards

Payroll Management

Income Tracking

Expenses Tracking

Invoice Generating


Billing Timer

Perfomance Appraisal

Organisation Chart

Payroll System

Are you thinking of remunerating your staff? Our system has a built in payroll management system that is easier to generate and print for all your staff members.

    Set Up Basic pay
    Add allowances
    Add Deductions
    Auto-calculation of the gross and net pay
    Generate Payslip

Kanban To-do List

Let you or your staff members create a to-do list in a quickest way and manage the in process and completed tasks with ease